Lotus Brands, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Santosh Krinsky, a veteran of the natural products industry going back to 1974. The company was spun off from a previous company, Lotus Light Natural Body Care, which was (and is) a wholesale distributor of natural products. As part of its distribution efforts, Lotus Light became the owner or primary importer of several brands which needed their own specific focus. These brands became the core of operations for Lotus Brands Inc. Lotus Brands is the owner—developer of a number of well-known niche brands in the Natural Products industry. The company focuses on products which provide benefits and address specific needs for people, focusing on high quality, value-added brands. Over the years, Lotus Brands has both acquired brands from other companies, and built its own new brands successfully, to the point where Lotus Brands has become one of the top 10 HABA products vendors to a company such as United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI), and has been recognized for its product quality, service and commitment to values by organizations such as Green Patriot Radio, from whom it was awarded a Green Patriot Award several years ago. Lotus Brands’ commitment to product quality is shown by its having obtained Organic Handlers certification, as well as “cruelty free” status through CCIC (Leaping Bunny). Lotus Brands’ products have been recommended by the authors of the Safe Shoppers Bible, as well as doctors and celebrities who have worked with our products over the years. Lotus Brands’ primary brands are personal care and cosmetics products which include Ancient Secrets, Beauty Without Cruelty, Eco-Dent Premium Oral Care, Light Mountain Natural Hair Color, Nature’s Alchemy Essential Oils, Sonoma Soap, and others. Company Mission Statement: Lotus Brands uses a motto “we make products inspired by Nature.” It is Lotus Brands’ goal to provide alternatives to the chemical products pervading the world nowadays, in order to provide more natural, less environmentally harmful, more resource-conscious products, focusing on renewable resources, environmentally sound packaging and at the same time, providing effective results for our customers. Lotus Brands is a majority woman-owned family business based in Silver Lake, Wisconsin.

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Some of the primary brands supplied by Lotus Brands include:

Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Products: The #1 selling neti pot in the health food industry provides a simple and effective way to cleanse and moisturize the nasal passages, to help remove excess mucus, pollen, dust and other particulates, and provide needed moisture to the nose using an easy to use, simple and effective patented nasal cleansing pot. www.ancient-secrets.com

Eco-Dent Premium Oral Care Products: Eco-Dent is the leading premium supplier of the renowned baking soda and sea salt based toothpowder line that provides real benefits to oral hygiene with less abrasivity, and providing premium products that are both economical and environmentally sound. The line also features the TerraDent replaceable head toothbrush brand which has the lowest bacterial load of any major brand of toothbrush tested by Oeko-Test in Europe, due to the thermo-welded head and the replaceable head system. The savings in production energy, raw materials, pollution and landfill impacts by using these replaceable head toothbrushes are also enormous. www.eco-dent.com

LifeTree Household Cleaning Products: Life Tree products have been one of the leaders in clean, green household cleaning for several decades. Adhering to the highest standards for ingredients, Life Tree tested best in class for lack of 1,4 dioxane contamination among natural dishwashing liquids in 2008, and tested clean, along with several other brands, in 2009; thereby maintaining its leadership position in providing safe, natural and effective household cleaning products. Life Tree provides a complete range of products for general household use, bathroom cleaner, laundry liquid and dishwashing. www.lifetreeproducts.com

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Color The Gray: This brand was launched under the name Helix Henna in the 1970’s but has undergone continuous upgrade and product development since being taken over by Lotus Brands and changing its name to Light Mountain in the 1980’s. This was the first (and only) brand of 100% botanical hair colors that developed a non-chemical 2 step program to color gray hair called (appropriately) Color the Gray! During 2007 and 2008 Light Mountain worked with growers to provide NOP/USDA certified organic botanicals for the brand and now virtually all of the hair colors in this brand utilize almost entirely “certified organic” ingredients; with any that are not possible using tested “pesticide free” components. And the brand does not rely on the use of any chemicals whatsoever to provide a safe, natural hair coloring alternative to the chemical based hair coloring systems that are suspected to have links to a number of disease conditions including cancer. www.light-mountain-hair-color.com

Lotus Press: The Lotus Press division of the company focuses on providing books on leading alternative health modalities such as Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Herbalism, and Reiki. Lotus Press is one of the leaders in the field of publishing books on these modalities world-wide. www.lotuspress.com

Other Products: Lotus Brands has a number of other brands that promote natural health and wellness alternatives that provide safe, effective alternatives to the chemical and pollution-dependent solutions that dominate the market. Lotus Brands believes that offering these choices not only helps people live healthier lives, but also helps address the imbalances we face in terms of resource and energy use, and the polluting of the planet which has survival implications for all living beings. In addition, Lotus Brands believes that providing these alternatives helps to address the underlying change in consciousness that is required for humanity to survive the current crisis.

For More Information: Lotus Brands, Inc., P O Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA. 262 889 8561 office phone. 262 889 2561 office fax. www.lotusbrands.com lotusbrands@lotuspress.com