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Light Mountain® products are available at most major natural products stores and online retailers. If you shop at a store that does not carry the item you are seeking, please ask them to carry it as it is available from their distributors in most cases. If you cannot find our products locally, you are welcome to purchase them through our online store.

The premier natural hair color and conditioner product line. Choose from our original line with the famous "henna animals" in 12 shades, or our unique Color the Gray line with 8 shades. We use no chemicals and no synthetic ingredients, only pure premium henna and other botanicals. We have been blending henna based hair colors since the early 1980's and are the leading totally natural line in the natural products industry.

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The Doctors Prescription for Healthy Living Newsletter (by the people who did the Safe Shopper's Bible, Freedom Press, Topanga California) rated our product the only one they found that was totally safe and chemical free. Henna hair color is also recommended in The Breast Cancer Prevention Program by Dr. Samuel Epstein and David Steinman (Macmillan, 1997) This is an excellent book that goes into great detail with information about the dangers of commercial chemical hair dyes, the increased cancer risks, and other associated problems. Our product is also specifically recommended in Being a Woman Naturally by Dr. Jan McBarron (Freedom Press, 2002). After describing the health risks of chemical hair dyes, she points out that Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Color the Gray are safe, alternatives to the dangerous commercial hair dyes.

Henna is the only natural hair color with an FDA monograph for safe and effective use as a natural hair color.

MADE IN THE USA. Light Mountain uses NO PPD, No Ammonia, No Peroxide, No Chemicals whatsoever.

Each batch of our premium grade henna is tested to ensure that it has no contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides.

*Fair Trade Certified Botanicals

After extensive audits and reviews that took the better part of a year, our vendor who supplies all of our certified organic ingredients for the Light Mountain Natural Hair Color line (including also Color the Gray) has now obtained Fair Trade Certification through Fair For Life on these materials.

The FAIR FOR LIFE certification of Fair Trade is managed by ECO CERT.  The information about the Fair For Life certification process and values is shown at the Fair For Life website:  http://www.fairforlife.org/pmws/indexDOM.php?client_id=fairforlife&page_id=home

*****Light Mountain does not recommend use of any of our products for facial hair such as eyebrows, or moustaches or beards, nor on cut or abraded skin.*****

*****Light Mountain does not recommend use of any of our products for facial hair such as eyebrows, or moustaches or beards, nor on cut or abraded skin.*****

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