Dear Lightmountain hair:

Your Red hair dye is super awesome! I love the vibrant color, and how it retains all of my girlfriends natural highlights, Its like Im looking at her actual hair still. Even with old hair dyes in, and roots growing out, your hair dye just magically unifys the whole color of her head. Her hair smells great afterwards too, instead of stinking to high heaven like with other dyes. She also said it was alot more affordable than the other products.

So, great job providing a quality product at good value to her. You guys rock!

~thanks TM, email 10/7/15


Foxy Red:

L O V E love your Henna. It's the only one i use. It's true to the source and the results are A W E S O M E. Please do not discontinue the "foxy red" it has my name on it.

Thank you very much, N.R., 10/18/14 via email.


I am a satisfied customer who currently lives in San Diego, CA, but will be moving soon to Boise, Idaho...I am hoping that I will be able to find your products there when I move but if not, I will just order online. The reason for this e-mail is to just tell you how HARD it is to find organic, natural products these days - so hard, that I have began making my own beauty care products and searching worldwide to find TRULY natural products for customers. I was THRILLED to come across your "Red" (with the fox on the front) henna hair color and conditioner. I am a picky customer and also only refer my patients and clients to the very best. I have been referring friends to your products as of late, since I have been so very happy with them. Anyway, here is a picture after I dyed my hair today... Thanks so very much for making such a superb product that doesn't make me feel horrible or guilty for using it - on the contrary...it makes me feel beautiful!

Blessings to you and yours,

R.G., San Diego, Ca. 10/8/14
(we have removed personally identifying information and the photo from this post to protect the privacy of the customer)

Youtube Video Review and Tutorial on Light Mountain Organic & Natural Neutral Henna Hair Color & Conditioner: by Fabiola of Fab Fashion Reviews

Light Mountain Hair Color review by Beth: Living A Goddess Life

Unfortunately, it's hard to find a hair dye that's light on the chemicals. I have naturally curly hair, which means it's naturally dry, and any added stripping chemicals will ...really frizz it out. Plus, most hair dyes contain ammonia (yeah, that's that smell), which weakens hair follicles and causes breakage. I want color without compromising my hair's health!

And, of course, many contain petroleum or tar-based products, which means more resource-process, more waste, more strain on the environment. (And, some argue, carcinogens)

So I was excited to try Light Mountain Natural Hair Color. It's a plant-based henna dye process, sans peroxide or stripping chemicals. Just add water, apply, and rinse out. It's slated to be semi-permanent (to last about 6 weeks). Their hair dyes are cruelty-free, organic, and vegan certified.

I choose the Cheetah (Auburn), but they have many options available (from black, to reds, burgundy, and browns...and grey-covering shades).

It made my locks super-curly. It also definitely gave me naturally-looking auburn hair. The brown still looks reddish-brown, and the blond parts look more ruddy now, but it didn't give me a fake universal-color look. This is actually the most natural hair color I've achieved from a dye job ever. Yay!


View entire review here: http://artemishi.blogspot.com/2013/10/going-red-with-light-mountain.html

I recently purchased your henna hair color and conditioner shade medium brown I have natural curly hair and it can be challenging but I wanted coppering natural and safe, I have to say I was impressed this is the first hair color where my hair feels soft not dry brittle and damage. I also love that it is chemical free not harsh smells that make my eyes water are scalp burn. Thanks.

KK, 7/12/13 email

This is a fabulous hair color! I use Medium Brown and everyone compliments my color! Thanks so much!

BM, 5/21/13 email

I just want to say Thank-You!! I used Light Mountain Natural, bright red and love the results!! I been chemically hair dye addicted since my 20's and have been having issues with my hair falling out and the color not sticking. I jumped online and read reviews about your Henna and decided, why not I will give it a try. My hair is amazing now so soft, not falling out, shiny and the color amazing!! I been trying to get a copper red for 8 months now with chemical dye with no luck till I tried your product.. I'm a customer for life, I cannot express my thank-you and gratitude for an awesome product!! Thank-you again for making my hair feel and look like a million bucks!!!

L.B., email 10/10/12

Transplant Buddies Review Light Mountain Color the Gray

I recently bought some henna from a local Indian market and wow, was that a mistake. Although the strand test came out OK, when I used it on my head, the color I got was a shocking brassy red! Henna malfunction!!! I contacted my local Whole Foods Market and Emily directed me to your product. I used your medium brown and THANK HEAVENS, the red is covered and my hair looks fantastic! Great color (getting compliments!), and so silky and shiny. You have just won yourselves a very devoted customer. Thanks for making such a great product, with the added bonus of being natural and cruelty free :-)

LB, Email 10/5/11

"Light Mountain Natural's Henna is THE BEST! It makes my hair very silky smooth and shiny! Its such a wonderful hair conditioner and natural colorer without using traditional chemical hair dye. It's nice to use a product thats safe and 100% natural. I have had SO MANY compliments about how nice my hair looks where ever I go. Thanks for the wonderful product! I can't wait to get more!"

Meggan Anderson
Bold.Sexy.Red. TM

First of all, I just want to say that your line looks really great! I am a vegan, and an Actress here in Los Angeles. I work on film sets and photo shoots everyday (you can see my website below for my credits etc.) I have been using the "Bright Red" henna (the box with the wolf) on it for years! People can't believe that I dont dye my hair, but its henna instead! I have a trademark of "Bold.Sexy.Red." and I incorporate my red hair into my marketing etc very heavily. I would love to spread the word about your awesome product!*=)

Meggan Anderson
Bold.Sexy.Red. TM

I used your product for the first time tonight, it exceeded my expectations and then some.. I have always used chemical semi perm. brown dyes for 25 years, I am 54 years old. Recently I became aware they may not be safe and discovered the skin deep website. They rate your product as one of the safest so I bought some. i was a nervous wreck, thinking I might end up with orange or purple hair, who knew.

I did not buy the color the gray one, I bought the regular dark brown, though I have about 30 percent gray at least... I got better color and coverage than any chemical I used prior that was semi perm. and I know it is safe.... I admit I had trouble applying, it was my first time, it was very thick and I was nervous thinking I screwed it up,, well it seems pretty screw up proof if you ask me. I did not do a great job applying, threw on the shower cap, took a blow dry occasionally for a few minutes and let it sit for two hours.. I rinsed, a little hard to rinse but to my surprise, I had this gorgeous rich dark brown, very natural and low and behold my gray was blended better than the chemical one I had used prior... It was a little hard to comb out and next time I might use conditioner after I rinse it but overall, A PLUS . the only thing that would change that is if it does not hold up after a few shampoos but I doubt that will be the case.. I would encourage anyone to try this, AMAZING and not that hard to use once you do it once,,, GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

EK, email 4/12/10
"About a year ago I found out that I have a corn allergy, so I stopped highlighting my hair. While the highlights were subtle and the roots weren't too obvious, the grays were not pretty. Last weekend I tried the auburn henna and was extremely happy with the results. Not only are the grays a beautiful golden, but the ends match my roots now. I plan to stock up to always have on-hand! Thank you for a great corn-free product. "

S.H., Florida 3/2010
"Light Mountain Natural's Henna is THE BEST! It makes my hair very silky smooth and shiny! Its such a wonderful hair conditioner and natural colorer without using traditional chemical hair dye. It's nice to use a product that's safe and 100% natural. I have had SO MANY compliments about how nice my hair looks where ever I go. Thanks for the wonderful product!

I can't wait to get more!"

M.A., Actress and Model Beverly Hills, CA 3/22/10
"I am a devoted Light Mountain Henna-Cover the Grey advocate. I live in Northern Arizona and have searched my area over to find a retail store that carries the product, to no avail. Light Mountain Henna is the only hair color I will use. I would be thrilled and honored to become a representative/destributor for the Henna hair color and Cover the Grey as I believe there is just not enough exposure or awareness of its beneficial value in my area and its 30-50 mile radius." S.C.

N. Arizona 3/19/10
"I want to say that I love your henna. I've been using auburn and red color the gray for over a year now." L.N.

Email 12/25/09
RE: My great henna experience

"Thank you very much for a wonderful product. I ordered the Light Mountain Color the Grey henna in dark brown. The grey was completely covered and my hair looks shiny, healthy with rich vibrant color. I have had many compliments on my hair and have told other people about your products. Other people are interested."

"Thank you very much " Thank you! EE 8/27/09 by email
Dear Friends!

"Recently, all Hennalucent Sunset Glo color users were lost as this beloved color was discontinued. The frantic search has begun to find a replacement! And I am happy to announce that this Light Mountain Natural Hair Color in RED is a perfect alternative to Hennalucent Sunset Glo. The package has twice as much henna as hennalucent and it is good for all of us with long hair, it is soft, easy paste to apply, good smell. Please read all instructions. After 45 minutes the desired color is achieved, but for thicker hair they recommend up to 3 hours wait. They also advice heat application but I have not done it and the results are excellent. Wear gloves, cover the hair line with Vaseline to avoid staining. It washes out easily, wait 24 hours before shampooing to make the color last even longer."

"Well, I am thrilled I can continue to be a redhead with no harsh chemicals on my hair. Thank you Mountain Natural Hair Color in RED!" Thank you! HK, Houston Texas 6/09 by email
"I just want to say I use Color the Gray Medium Brown and this product is super! All the gray is covered completely and the color is permanent and does not wash out. The most important part to note, is the safety of your product with no health risk. Thank you so much for this hair color. I think I will try Light Brown next time just for something new! Great product that everyone should be using. Other hair color should be taken off the market! I am not a chemist, but I know these chemicals are dangerous! Whenever I get a compliment on my hair, I always try to promote Color the Gray!"

Sincerely, TS by email 8/09
"After trying a chemical dye and another national brand of henna, This time I got pure henna. Inside the box, which had a nice picture of a red fox. . . wonderful, glowing, shimmering, perfect red" from "How Henna Changed My Life"

"Back in 2002 I requested a refund because I didn't like your product. I'm happy to say, I now think it's the best product ever! I used up the box from before and I started seeing a good change in my color. Everyone compliments my hair and it is since I use your product. Enclosed is my payment back to you from that refund. Thank you so much. It's wonderful!"

JB, N. Highlands, California 3/16/03
"To the makers of Light Mountain Henna, I'd like to thank you for your terrific product. God has blessed me with an abundant head of hair, however I would rather it was red..I started using henna years ago. I recently discovered Light Mountain Henna and was very pleased. The products I used in the past never quite produced the desired effect that L.M.H. has. I also appreciate the enclosed gloves and head cover. The package appeals to my sense of aesthetics, I use the red, with the fox and the auburn, with the nautilus shell. I am, of course, pleased that you don't test your products on animals. My only concern is if you should stop making it. Please don't!!! I do like my hair red and I don't like to use chemicals. Thank you!!!

A Grateful customer." H.E., Santa Ana, California 11/9/91
"I have been using Light Mountain Natural, Color the Gray, Henna for over 2 years, with tremendous results. I have directed countless people to your product because they wanted their hair to look like mine. Even the young hairdressers at the salon I frequent admire my color (as I gape at their purple and magenta hair). I had been coloring my hair with Preference by L'oreal for 5 years. I had a young child and just didn't want to be the gray headed Mother of a preschooler. I also suffered tremendous allergies. I decided to de-toxify my environment and began using only natural products in my home, bath, and laundry, kitchen, etc. A natural hairdresser suggested I stop using dye on my hair as I may be absorbing the chemicals via my scalp. She suggested henna as a substitute. I had the belief that gray hair would not take henna, to my delight, on my venture to the health food store I found Color The Gray. I have experimented considerably with the suggestions in the instructions. Adding paprika, egg, yogurt and tea, to change the color or the highlights or the conditioning effects of the henna. In the beginning I received some criticism, I was told that the henna would make my hair dry and brittle. But I persevered, as the previously dyed gray grew out and took on the henna I began to develop reddish highlights, coming mostly from my crown. My hair is silky and thick, I wear it long as it's fun to let it hang naturally. I'm sure my hair contributes to my youthful allure (which I enjoy at 45 years old). Many women stop me to ask how I got such beautiful color. They are often shocked to hear it's henna. Most don't even know what henna is so I take a moment to educate them. With the increasing number of natural products moving into main stream markets I thought you may want to use my store for advertising. Reaching more women my age that is not ready to be gray but wants a natural product. Please accept my thanks for making a great product providing me with the alternative to chemicals. My health has improved 100%. "

RW, Los Alamitos, California, 1/20/01.
"Thank you very much for making a wonderful product. When I was young, I had very bright blond hair, but over the years it darkened and I became dissatisfied with the color. I have many allergies so I was concerned about using the strong chemicals in most hair dyes. I also did not want to flood the environment with those harsh chemicals. One day I read an article that rated Light Mountain henna very highly. I found a local health food store that stocked it. Anticipating a very limited selection I was pleased to see a wide variety of colors. Since my mother has red hair and I closely resemble her, I chose red. The instructions were very complete and sufficiently detailed. The application was quick and easy and the compliments have been constant. That was a little over a year go. Knowing that plants are not consistent from year to year, I had been worried that a new box would produce a color quite different from the old box. I have found a very slight variation, but by mixing a little of the old henna into a new box, no one has noticed. When I tell people who did not know me before that my hair is colored, they are always surprised. The color appears natural because different strands have slight variations. An unexpected, but wonderful benefit is that my hair feels thicker, smoother and several friends have told me it has more shine. Even if I stop coloring my hair, I will continue to use Light Mountain neutral henna simply because of how nice and silky my hair feels now. I have told many people where I buy Light Mountain. The price is also very economical. I had in the past occasionally used conditioner, but I no longer need to purchase those products, helping both the environment and me. I am extremely happy I discovered Light Mountain henna. It is rare that a product actually works beyond its claims but this one does. My only request (and it is facetious) is that you breed a scentless henna plant! Thank you very much and keep up the great work!"

RJ-P, Pearland Texas, 12/30/03
"This is not a letter to say I have encountered problems with your product, in fact, it's the exact opposite! I've been a faithful, devoted user of your natural hair color and conditioner for over two years. Through those two years, I have been more than satisfied with the end results! I get compliments all of the time. Everyone teases me that I should be a henna saleswoman because I am constantly telling everyone how great your product is! I even go as far as telling them about how natural it is, and everyone loves the fact that it is in fact cruelty free, no animal ingredients, no animal testing, a big factor in my decision making process! After seeing my hair, many people tell me how healthy and shiny my hair is, and then, the next thing you know, they purchase henna! It's great! We keep our natural food stores in business with our henna purchasing! I'm your Northern Michigan sales representative! I've helped at least 10 of my own personal friends with their hair coloring, and who knows how many people they passed on this incredible, miracle hair coloring system to! The directions make the product even more user friendly! It leaves no room for error! I love the helpful hints for special effects! I've utilized several of these tips, and was even more so pleased! I am a college student here at Northwestern Michigan College, and I've become very influential to many of my friends and their haircolor! I'm consistently being complimented, even on "bad hair days" which are few and far between, but it proves just how this product truly beautifies! My purpose in writing is to obviously praise your product, and I would also like to know if you have any catalogs available on other Light Mountain products! A response either way will be appreciated! Once again, thank you for making my hair healthy and beautiful!"

M.G., Traverse City, Michigan, 3/14/94
"I have often looked at and read testimonials on the internet for different products and services, but I could never help feeling that they must be either fake, or phonied-up. I have read some that seemed real but most of them I could never trust. So, as I am writing to you now about your product I am thinking to myself 'man, I better not sound like all of these testimonials that I usually read', and trying to make this as believable as possible for people. The product in mention is your "Color the Gray" hair colour. I have about 30-40% grey hair, absolutely detest it, and I have looked for and tried about 8 different things so far to colour my hair back to it's usual dark brown colour. I have used several different brands of the synthetic colours, including Joico, Aveda and one called Attitudes. I used them for about 5 years, until I started to get a sore scalp. I started having minor little bumps, and itchiness, and more uncomfortableness than usual, so I came to the conclusion that the chemicals in hair colour was what was causing it. I can't say for sure if that actually is so, but to me, my body is saying, those chemicals are really quite potent and harsh and I think that is what is causing the grief.' I trust my body most of the time to tell me what it thinks I should be doing etc. and it is usually right, so I am quite sure that it is the phenylenedamine etc. that was doing it. Anyways, back to my story, since this happened I have been looking for a natural hair colour but none of them seemed to do the trick. I tried another brand of henna, and one of the more popular completely natural hair colours, but neither of them did much more than put a very light orange-ish tint on my grey hair, so I was beginning to think that nothing except hair colours with chemicals would cover my grey hair. Oh yeh, I have tried the natural ones that use herbs to make the colour but still use all the chemicals too, and they work good, but it is basically just another form of a chemical hair colour. I can tell that they are a little safer to use, but they are still full of chemical ingredients, including phenylenedamine, which I think is the most dangerous one. Well, just before I gave up altogether, and I was going to just use Aveda because it seemed the best of the ones I had tried I thought I would give yours a try just in case maybe it did work. I asked the girl at the health food store that if it did not work could I get my money back and she said yes, so I tried it. It worked so good, I am still kind of in a state of shock. I am very impressed! I like the result so much that I had to write to you and thank you for solving ALL of my grey hair woes, for all time! I have never even had a synthetic colour that looked that good, and the colour is so deep, and dark, and fantastic looking I am still just shaking my head and wondering how you can do THAT, and, how it is possible. Plus my hair feels so great, and is so thick and strong, and healthy feeling, and looking, it is truly awesome! Sincerely, I thank you, I have never been so happy about a product for a long time. Quite simply: it is the best hair colour I have ever used, and I feel fantastic using it. You are really a great company thanks,"

Ken J, Canada, 9/28/02.
"One company has perfected the henna process and offers a product that can actually cover gray. This is a big advancement in henna-based hair colorants, since most do not cover gray all that well. In fact, Light Mountain Color the Gray is the only henna product available today that can entirely cover gray with a two-step process. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner and Light Mountain Color the Gray are excellent products, which also come in a wide range of color variations. The Light Mountain line not only adds great color shading to hair, henna is a terrific hair conditioner. I've seen a number of my patients who have used this formula. They look great! I swear, the color is natural, the gray is covered and most importantly, there's no cancer risk! One word of warning: The product won't work for everyone who needs to cover their gray. But if it doesn't work, the company that makes the products provides a complete refund."

Dr. Jan McBarron, M.D. in Being A Woman Naturally, 2002, Freedom Press, Topanga, California, pg. 85.
NOTE: We maintain the original letters on file. These are actual unsolicited customer responses about our product. We cannot say it more elegantly than our customers do.